Use these 5 psychological tactics to increase user signups immediately.

5 Psychological Tactics to Increase User Signups Within 7 Days

Posted on June 4th, 2017 by Chris

The Psychology of the Signup

For many online entities, user sign ups are a lifeline. They’re the hooks used to build a company’s base, keep users coming back, and a way to bringing in fresh blood. And yet, many websites create their signup process as an afterthought. They expect users to seek the function out of their own accord, while giving little incentive to do so.

A good signup process can dramatically improve your user growth if you’re willing to put in the effort and make some necessary changes. Here are 5 ways to tap into your user’s psychology to increase sign ups within 7 days.

1. Appeal To Their Positivity

You need to convey the idea that signing up is a positive thing to do. Don’t tell potential sign ups that they will ‘miss out’ if they don’t. Instead, talk about what they can gain and how you’re there to help them. Positivity leads to willingness. It’s important that the text and look of your signup process focuses on this.

2. Demonstrate That Others Agree

New users are more likely to sign up if they know others have gone before them. Putting a counter on your website or mentioning the number of people already signed up can lead to a Bandwagon Effect. This means people will follow trends based on the acceptance of others as social proof. Think of it as a way to show off the trust users have already put into your brand.

3. Convince Them It Will Be Quick

Keep it short. Keep it simple. Assure your prospective users that the signup process is quick by only asking for the information you need. If you want them to sign up for an email list, ask for their email and their name. Let the call-to-action button be a definitive statement, such as ‘Submit’ or ‘Finish Signup’. To prevent users abandoning the signup process, they need to be able to pull that trigger as easily as possible.

4. Entice Them With ‘Sign Up’ Perks

Why would anyone sign up? That’s the number one question you need to ask. If you’re giving away perks such as discounts or deals, is that message conveyed clearly? What can users who sign up expect? You need to make sure all these questions are answered concisely in the lead-up to your call-to-action. Make signing up sound as beneficial as possible for potential users without muddying the clarity of your offers. As a simple example, “20% off your first purchase” is more appealing than “20% off your first five $20 purchases”.

5. Convince Them To Refer Others

Happy sign ups lead to more happy sign ups. A satisfied user will tell his friends about you. At least, if there’s something you can offer in return. Let your sign ups know about your referral program in a follow-up email. Give them a simple way to reap benefits from referring their friends to sign up. What this benefit is depends completely on the service your website provides. Get creative.

5 Rules Fits All

It doesn’t matter what kind of sign ups your website is looking for. These rules apply to most variations. Email sign ups, app sign ups, and even membership sign ups all follow similar rules. They are quick and easy to implement and the results will show within your first week. Be sure to A/B test different Microcopy and benefits to continue and improve your signup numbers.