8 Tools To Improve Your Creativity

Posted on June 7th, 2017 by Elizabeth

How Creativity Benefits Your Workplace

When people talk about the importance of creativity, they’re more often than not referring to ‘artistic creativity’. This means creativity as a form of expression. But the term ‘creativity’ doesn’t only apply to artists such as a painters or musicians. Aside from artistic creativity, there is also ‘technical creativity’. It handles the creation of new ideas, theories and the capacity for problem solving.

The workplace might seem like a strange place to benefit from creativity. After all, most of the time you will be told what to do and how to do it. Yet, a workplace with a strong sense of both types of creativity will result in better leadership. It will encourage advanced problem solving, improved innovation and tighter teamwork.

There are tools to help you flex those creative muscles. We’ve compiled 8 must-know ways to improve your creativity, both technical and artistic.

1. Doodlebuddy

You might have heard of this application and considered it a time waster. This is not the case. Doodlebuddy is a great way to let your mind stay engaged during down time. Expression and problem solving are intrinsically linked. The scribbles you create with this app might surprise you with insights about your current situation or assignment. That’s also the reason it’s listed in the Business/Productivity section of iOS apps instead of the game section.

2. Brainplots

Brainstorming is key to any company’s success. It makes a strong case for the benefits of creativity through association. Brainplots makes it easy to collect all your ideas in one place. Through association and reductive thinking you can find the ideal approach to any problem. Thanks to its community features, you can even refine ideas with your team and allow others to give feedback.

3. Snapguide

Snapguide’s community of creators has got you covered on every possible interest. Whether you like to DIY craft or love to cook, this tool provides a collection of constantly updated ways to create. Anyone will feel the siren call of creation on here. Pictures, feedback, and step-by-step instructions allow anyone to try something new.

4. Udemy

Learn a new skill for free from one of the biggest online course databases available. Besides its hundreds of paid courses, Udemy has a solid collection that will cost you zero dollars and zero cents. This includes learning how to code, design websites, use Photoshop, and even game development. Expanding your skill set is key to both enhancing your technical and artistic creativity.

5. AllTrails

Or, depending on your location, any other hiking app. Taking frequent hikes isn’t just healthy for the body, because the mind benefits as well. Allowing yourself moments of isolation in beautiful areas can help you relax. You’ll be able to figure out new approaches to known problems thanks to a change of scenery. It will help you gain a new sense of awareness outside of the hectic nature of the workplace.

6. PaintNite

Hypercharge your artistic creativity by going to a PaintNite meetup. Local artists will teach you how to paint a work to completion. Not only does painting relieve stress, according to this German study it also improves your ‘psychological resilience’. Painting as an art form is peak expression and conducive to mental health, so why not change up your usual night out.

7. Instagram

Stop taking pictures of your food and let Instagram do what it was made to do: help you see the world differently. Start looking at your environment as opportunities for photography. Post them online and see what people think! Perhaps you’ve got a natural eye, or maybe you can work on it and get better. Photography can change your entire perception. Just don’t overdo it on the filters, okay?

8. Mindtools

Our last creativity tool differs from the others. It focuses on workplace improvement in a creative way. There is no beating around the bush with metaphorical applications for skills gained outside the workplace. Mindtools gives you new workplace focused ways of expanding your creative thinking. By honing your management, communication and career planning skills, you can work your way up the ladder more effectively.

Use these tools to improve your creativity and you'll surely land on top.