If you want to add value to your agency, get creative (or just follow our guide).

How To Stand Out And Add Value To Your Agency

Posted on June 19th, 2017 by Steffen

What Does ‘Value’ Mean?



Noun 1. the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

The concept of value goes beyond the monetary worth of something. This is especially true in the service industry. Yet, the monetary value your agency generates is closely tied to its perceived value. The higher your perceived value as a brand, the easier it is for you to stand out in the multitude of online marketing agencies.

Perceived value is the result of clearly understood and both qualitative and quantifiable relative factors. In layman’s terms, it simply means this: perceived value is how much better your agency looks compared to others. If you’re looking to shape the perception of your agency, this article will teach you how to achieve just that.

1. Make Clients Love You

If you think there’s anything more important to your business than your clients, you are wrong. Clients are everything. They are the reason you thrive, or the reason you wilt. If you want to stand out, go the extra mile for your clients. You are working for them. Make them feel that way.

Be proactive with updates and clear in your communication. Show them periodic progress reports that give them a sneak peek on their assignment’s advancements. Always be straight with them and never beat around the bush.

You want your clients to come away from the transaction satisfied and willing to refer you to other potential clients. But above all, you want them coming back for more. Even if you cost more than the competition, a content customer will choose you every time. That’s the power of perceived value.

2. Show Your Value

Be clear about what your agency provides and what the potential benefits are. Don’t focus on presenting your rates. The more importance you place on the value you provide, the more clients will pay. People are more willing to attribute quality and value to something priced too high. Price yourself too low and you won’t even get a second glance.

Don’t be afraid to oversell yourself. If you have the numbers to back up your agency’s success rate, flaunt them. Never barter over your rates, as it makes you look undisciplined, unsure, and weak. But don’t shy away from offering flexible payment plans as an olive branch to clients who are on the fence.

3. Social Proof

Try to get as many testimonials on your website as possible. After any gig, gauge your performance with your clients. A satisfied client will gladly contribute a testimonial. An unhappy client gives you the opportunity to improve yourself.

Put your brand out there, front and center. Don’t be a name on a list of agencies; become a recognizable entity. Find ways to stand out through social media. Be responsive to messages and comments left on your social media accounts. Have a sense of humor and a human touch instead of coming across like a company of robots. Giving your answers personality already sets you apart from most agencies out there.

Find a way to have an online presence besides the purely professional. Start a blog about the company and its team, or even start a Facebook page focused on fun content relevant to your business.

4. Keep Your Team Content

If your clients are the most important element of your business, your team is a close second. Without them, there is no agency. Without them, there are no clients. You need to make sure they are content with their jobs. Both monetarily and creatively.

Remember how you should keep your rates consistent? It’s more than showing clients you have a backbone. You’re also telling your team that you will not put clients before their interests. There will be no deals made that hurt the wages of your employees. This will garner you respect with both employees and clients, as you demonstrate how much you value your team.

5. Smaller Touches Matter

Keep the elements above in mind, but don’t just stop there. Each section can be expanded with little touches. For instance, going the extra mile for your clients can mean integrating specialized services into your package deals. For your image, you can stand out by releasing video seminars about the industry. For your team, you can simplify their work by implementing guides or creating helpful checklists.

You need to know the focus points of how to add value to your agency, and from there you can improve through creativity.

Add value to your agency by being the best version of yourself.